Discover Amae

In an anxiety-provoking society, bring your being oxygen!

Amae is a japanese term wich highlights the notions of responsability, interdependence of human relations and our relationship to nature.

My approach is holistic : i take into consideration the Being as a whole, not separately.

My work base on the principle of homeostasis. It’s ability of the body to maintain or restore the state of internal equilibrium, despite the external phenomena that surround it. The Living has a capacity for self-healing ; he’s auto-repairing, auto-adaptative.

Our current lifestyles (stress, pollution, noise, frenetic pace, loss of landmarks…) daily disturb our body and our behaviors (irritability, tiredness, rumination, burn-out, skin disorders, aches…).
Relax, let go and take care of our health are the keys to being in harmony with oneself.

Massage and Magnetism are tools to access this natural harmonious state.
They do not fight against the disease but they help gradually to find the balance between body and spirit.

My training – Diplomas

  • Diploma Aesthetic Cosmetic Perfume


  • Training Sophrology-Relaxology


  • Therapist Thaï Massage WATPO Bangkok


  • Training Medicine Thaï Yoga WATPO Bangkok


  • Practitioner & Master-Practitioner in Magnetism


  • EFT Practitioner

    Current training

  • Flowers Bach Practitioner

    Current training