In love with life and traveling ; always animated by curiosity, human contact and alternative medicine ; i learned various subjects.
After several approaches, i chose to go to Thailand to train in Thai therapeutic massage.
I liked it, but i felt the need to go even further. Thinking outside the box, which did not respond to what i was looking for. I wanted lo live something else; to immerse myself in culture with more authenticity.
So, i went from villages to villages, going up north of Thailand. Until one day, after several rewarding encounters and twists ; i arrived in a unique place in the highest mountains, in the north of Chiang Mai. This is how i had the privilege of meeting an « Acharya » (Sanskrit term meaning « Teacher »), who was a Buddhist monk for 16 years.
Welcome to the Land of Smile !
Small bamboo huts, mountains and forests as far as the eye can see… Cradled every day by the dance of daily tasks, fireflies and the melody of the barnyard, cicadas, guitar.
Leave the daily habits of Western life to reconnect to the essential !
I stayed for a while to develop my knowledges of touching, listening, breathing, concentration (including meditation) and to strenghten my practice in movement, posture through Lanna Thai yoga (Lanna is an ethnicity from northern Thailand) and interactions between the body and nature.
I left it different ; stronger and more confident.
On my return, i wanted to deepen the work of the energetic structure of the human body. I trained and became Magnetizer.
Continually apprenticed ; beyond « simple » professions, i make natural wellness techniques, a vocation.
Apply, transmit and share the teachings (know-how & soft skills) of ancestral traditions, with Benevolence and Humility, is my philosophy.

For individuals and professionalsDiscover the care at your disposal

Set of body techniques aimed at improving, strengthening and / or maintaining the balance between our body and our mind.

Take the time to live … Breathe and take a break!